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Sex Education Policy

Education in Personal Relationship including Sex Education Policy

Education in Personal Relationship (EPR) including sex education. This policy document embraces all that underpins the School’s Aims and Objectives, and the School Mission Statement in its desire to provide for our children an education which truly helps to prepare them for life. It recognises E.P.R. as a partnership task (home and school working together to educate the child), it reflects a growing concern on the part of governors, staff and parents at the state of the world our children will inherit, and it promotes aspects of personal development regarded as fundamental to Christian behaviour:

  • how we treat each other, how we speak to each other, how we care for and share with each other.
  • How we see ourselves, how we value ourselves, how we promote ourselves.
  • How we relate to family and friends, how we relate to adults and peers, how we relate to members of the wider community.
  • The centrality of God to each other of the above, the personal relationship we have/should have with Him, the example given to us by Jesus Christ.
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