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Behaviour Policy

At Saint John Fisher all that we do is centred on the teachings of Christ. We recognise each person, regardless of race, creed or culture, to be made in the image of God and therefore of infinite value. We recognise that as brothers and sisters in Christ and we must treat each other with kindness and respect at all times. We recognise the need to be honest when we make mistakes and to show we are sorry by changing the things we do wrong. We believe everyone can change and are always willing to show forgiveness when anyone shows by their actions that they are truly sorry. Our behaviour policy is the way in which we try to ensure that these values are lived out every day at Saint John Fisher.

Children need patience, support, and above all, consistent treatment from the adults they meet in school. It is the responsibility of every adult to encourage children to behave with consideration for other people; model appropriate behaviour and deal with inappropriate behaviour immediately.

At Saint John Fisher Primary School, we believe that children should be encouraged to develop respect based on trust. We encourage children to be self-disciplined, responsible and have a caring attitude towards themselves, other people and their environment. The staff expect good quality work and behaviour. Saint John Fisher takes the view that violence, racism or expression of hatred in any form towards another is never justifiable under any circumstances.

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