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Whistleblowing Policy

The staff and directors of St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy seek to run all aspects of school business and activity with full regard for high standards of conduct and integrity; this is particularly important where the welfare of children may be at risk.  In the event that members of school staff, parents, directors or the school community at large become aware of activities which give cause for concern, St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy has established the following whistleblowing policy, or code of practice, which acts as a framework to allow concerns to be raised confidentially and provides for a thorough and appropriate investigation of the matter to bring it to a satisfactory conclusion

Throughout this policy, the term whistleblower denotes the person raising the concern or making the complaint. It is not meant in a pejorative sense and is entirely consistent with the terminology used by Lord Nolan as recommended in the Second Report of the Committee on Standards in Public Life: Local Spending Bodies published in May 1996.

St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy is committed to tackling fraud and other forms of malpractice and treats these issues seriously. St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy recognises that some concerns may be extremely sensitive and has therefore developed a system which allows for the confidential raising of concerns within the school environment but also has recourse to an external party outside the management structure of the school.

St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy is committed to creating a climate of trust and openness so that a person who has a genuine concern or suspicion can raise the matter with full confidence that the matter will be appropriately considered and resolved.

The provisions of this policy apply to matters of suspected fraud and impropriety and not matters of more general grievance which would be dealt with under the St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy grievance procedures.

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